Aluminum Street Name Signs are available in the two metal types illustrated below — flat (.080, .100, or .125 GA thickness) and extruded. You choose the grade of sheeting which suits your needs and/or state/community specifications — 3M™ Engineer Grade, Prismatic High Intensity, or Diamond Grade3. Signs can be ordered single or double sided, with or without a border, with multiple color choices, on multiple styles/layouts. Both flat and extruded signs are available in 6" and 9" heights with lengths varying from 18" to 54" depending on the amount of text needed. Larger sizes are also available for 12", 15", and 18" heights at varying lengths.

Flat Aluminum Extruded Aluminum
Flat Aluminum w/Border Extruded Aluminum w/Border

Standard Suffix Abbreviations

  • Ave or Av — Avenue
  • Blvd — Boulevard
  • Cir — Circle
  • Ct — Court
  • Dr — Drive
  • Hwy — Highway
  • Jct — Junction
  • Ln — Lane
  • Loop — Loop
  • Pkwy — Parkway
  • Rd — Road
  • Sq — Square
  • St — Street
  • Terr — Terrace
  • Twy — Thruway
  • Trl or Tr — Trail
  • Way — Way
Federal Recommended Minimum Letter Heights for Street Name Signs
Type of Mounting Type of Street or Highway Speed Limit Recommended Minimum Letter Height
Overhead All Types All Speed Limits 12" Upper Case / 9" Lower Case
Post-Mounted Multi-Lane More than 40 MPH 8" Upper Case / 6" Lower Case
Post-Mounted Multi-Lane 40 MPH or Less 6" Upper Case / 4½" Lower Case
Post-Mounted 2-Lane All Speed Limits 6" Upper Case / 4½" Lower Case
Post-Mounted Local 2-Lane 25 MPH or Less 4" Upper Case / 3" Lower Case


Recommended Color Standards for Ground Mounted Street Name Signs
White Text Blue Background White Text Green Background Black Text White Background White Text Brown Background

*Overhead Street Name Signs on WisDOT maintained traffic monotube structures shall be white letter on green background.

Pictographs in the form of a community symbol or highway route shield may be used, consult a salesperson for standards and useable file formats.