Source: Wisconsin DOT, The Connector Online, October 4th

"Wisconsin is home to 68,700 farms totaling more than 14.4 million acres. Nearly 12 percent of the state’s employment is related to agriculture, a major economic driver creating $88.3 billion in annual impact.

Those are just a few reasons why, especially throughout the fall harvest, drivers might see additional heavy machinery on the roads.

It’s important for drivers to remain patient and plan ahead. Tractors and other large farm equipment often move slower than posted speed limits and their nontraditional roadway entrance and exit points to and from adjacent farmland can come unexpectedly.

Driver should slow down immediately whenever they see the fluorescent orange slow-moving vehicle emblem on the rear of a tractor or other piece of equipment.

  • Watch for any debris that may fall from trucks
  • Assume equipment operators cannot see you
  • Don’t drive distracted. Even at a reduced speed, it is dangerous to take attention from the road.

recent Wisconsin law change makes it illegal for motorists to pass slow moving agricultural equipment in a no passing zone.

  • Pass machinery only in passing zones when it is safe to do so.
  • Do not pass on the shoulder

Farmers are asked to review lighting and marking requirements as well as local weight restrictions. WisDOT publishes information on its agricultural equipment and vehicles page."

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