Radar Speed Signs, or also known as Driver Feedback Signs, are designed to slow speeders down by alerting them of their speed through a digital display board. Ultimately, the use of Radar Speed Signs makes the roads safer for pedestrians and drivers. Due to their effectiveness as a Traffic Calming Device, they are being used across the country and the world. There have been tests performed that consistently show that Speeders will reduce their speed the majority of the time, and overall compliance with the posted speed limit will increase.

Decker Supply Co., Inc. is proud to be the Distributor for RadarSign® in the state of WI. They offer a great selection of Radar Speed Signs that can be used in many different applications; State/County/Municipal Roads, Business/Industrial/School Campuses, along with parks and military zones. Anywhere excessive speeds are a problem, Radar Speed Signs can be used. The RadarSign® product line are constructed with a rugged design for durability, are weather and vandal resistant, and are 100% MUTCD compliant.

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Decker Supply Co., Inc. is a WI manufacture of Traffic Signs, and supplier of other Traffic Safety related products (Cones, Barricades, Message/Arrow Boards, Pedestrian Safety, etc…).”