Decker Supply Co., Inc. understands the importance of Pedestrian Safety. This is proven by the variety of Pedestrian Safety products that we have to offer. Whether it be traditional Pedestrian Signs, In Street Crosswalk Markers, School  Zone Beacons, LED Flashing Signs, or Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB’s).

Decker Supply Co., Inc. is a proud supplier of the Carmanah RRFB systems in the state of WI.  Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB’s) are pedestrian-activated, high-intensity warning lights that are designed to notify drivers when a pedestrian is entering a designated crosswalk. RRFB’s are only meant for use in uncontrolled marked crosswalks, where the crosswalks are marked with pedestrian/school/or trail crossing signs and a painted crosswalk.  They are not intended for use in controlled crosswalks where there are stop signs, yield signs, or traffic control signals.

Municipalities have found value in the use of RRFB’s, including several within the state of WI. For example, the City of Merrill was looking for a tool to use for Pedestrian Safety at a few crosswalks. After looking into RRFB’s as an option, they felt that they would be a great tool. Here is a testimonial provided by the City of Merrill; “Just wanted to let you know that we are extremely happy with the performance of our lights and signs. The crossing guards notice a huge difference in driver awareness. I would imagine we will be fielding requests for additional locations in the future as people realize their effectiveness.”

Decker Supply Co., Inc. has a few different Carmanah RRFB Systems to choose from (models SC315® and R920®). The RRFB systems that we have to offer are extremely easy to install and operate. Additionally, they also offer a few different mounting options, depending upon the type of pole that you are using.  Please contact us to perform a site analysis, which will determine the best site of system to use at your specific location.

Decker Supply Co., Inc. is a manufacture of Traffic Signs, and supplier of other Traffic Safety related products (Cones, Barricades, Message/Arrow Boards, Pedestrian Safety, etc…).”