Decker Supply Co., Inc. is a proud supplier of the Telespar® System in WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, and KY. The Telespar® sign support system is manufactured within the USA, therefore it meets the Buy America requirements. Telespar® is available in three different types of posts. They are the round, square posts with 7/16” pre-punched holes on 1” centers, and posts with 7/16” knockouts on 1” centers.

The Telespar® Round posts offer superior corrosion resistance through Allied’s® in-line galvanizing process. With this process, it also offers extreme strength benefits and superior corrosion resistance. Round Posts are durable, and easy to install, and offer great flexibility with sign mounting. It can also be paired with a socket and wedge to create a break-a-way system.  They are available in different gauges, as well as various lengths. Round sign posts are a great compliment to the Square Sign Support Systems.

The Telespar® Square Tubing also offer Allied’s® in-line galvanizing process, and extreme strength benefits and superior corrosion resistance. The Telespar® Square Tubing is offered with Pre-Punched Holes or Knockouts. The hole dimensions on both of these are 7/16”, and are spaced on 1” centers. The square shape of these posts allows signs to be mounted on all four sides, which provides great versatility for sign mounting. There are several different types of break-away anchors that can be used with the Square Tubing, with each one offering its own unique feature. Additionally, the Telespar® Square Tubing supports several types of fasteners, which provides easy installation and tamper resistance.

Decker Supply Co., Inc. is a manufacture of Traffic Signs, and supplier of other Traffic Safety related products (Cones, Barricades, Message/Arrow Boards, Pedestrian Safety, etc…).