According to a recent article by, posted on 8/24/2016, there is a rising interest in safety technologies.

When it comes to future vehicle selection, safety—particularly accident prevention technologies—is growing in consumer interest. The AutoTECHCAST Report found that safety is among the top criteria for consumers when shopping for a new vehicle and has risen 5% since 2014. Advanced technology is also on the rise, up 3% over last year. Furthermore, half of the top 10 individual technologies of interest are safety related. While vehicle price and reliability remain important factors with consumers, they are also viewed as characteristics that are expected. The report did uncover an increase in the importance of corporate reputation, which rose to 10% in 2016 from 8% last year. “Consumers are becoming much more interested in the reputation of the company they purchase their vehicle from,” said VanNieuwkuyk. “More than half of the respondents we spoke to indicated that car manufacturers are making good choices when it comes to safety, which really bodes well for industry reputations in general.”

At Decker Supply, we support vehicle safety technologies and are proud to work every day in the traffic safety industry, keeping our roads safe with traffic safety products and supplies.