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Decker Supply is your complete source for all types of traffic barricades. From A Frames to O Frames, as well as Type I, II, III’s. Depending on the model/type, we can offer different types of legs as well as boards, and combinations of both.


The Safetycade is a unique barricade, that can be used as a direction indicator barricade. The top panel can display an arrow or delineation pattern to increase awareness. They can be set up quickly, and take up very little space. Another great feature is upon impact, the Safetycade will lie flat.

O-Frame Barricades

You have never seen anything quite like the O-Frame Barricade. This unique product provides exceptional strength, accommodates plastic or wood panels, and can be converted from a Type I to Type II using the same components.

A-Frame Barricade

A-Frame Barricades are great for crowd control and road closures. While there are two models to choose from, they both are equipped with stacking lugs, and can be used with one board or two. They are sold as complete sets, or individual components.


The Econocade Plastic Barricades are composed of High Density Polyethylene, one piece solid construction. They are easy to handle and transport, rust free, and are available in multiple colors and sheeting types.

Type III Barricades

Decker Supply uses square tube for the uprights and feet on the Type III Barricades. Boards are available in either HDO wood or plastic, with different types of sheeting.

Temp Ped Route Barricade

The Temporary Pedestrian Access Route Type II Barricade provides continuous, safe passage for pedestrians in work zones. The TPAR Barricade is light weight, compact, easy to transport, and the individual components are quick to assemble.