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Decker Supply carries a large inventory of flexible markers for any application. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, sheeting types, as well as different mounting options. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please contact us.

Tuff-Flex Marker

The Tuff-Flex Marker is a fiberglass composite marker. With its unique shape, and thickened center rib, it is driveable in virtually any soil condition. This marker also provides 180 degree visibility.

Flexi-Guide Surface Mount

The Flexi-Guide Surface Mount Channelizer Post is a great product for marking critical points on the roadway where safety hazards exist. The FlexiGuide products are designed and built to provide high performance and durability.

Flexi-Guide Roadside Delineators

Flexi-Guide roadside delineator posts save lives by deterring dangerous run-off the road auto accidents. They can be placed at critical points along roadways to identify safety hazard areas. These posts can be driven in the ground by themselves, or combined with U-Channel anchors.

Safe-Hit Soil Anchor Post

Safe-Hit’s Soil Anchor Posts feature a two-part driveable delineator system. The anchors are offered in different lengths, and there are 4 different types of delineator posts. The posts are also available in different colors and sheeting options.

Safe-Hit Surface Mount Post

Safe Hit’s Surface Mount posts are designed with an inner tube to help withstand vehicular impacts. They have a few different surface mount options available; including epoxy mount and lag anchors. They also offer 4 different types of delineator posts that are available in different colors and sheeting options.

Safe-Hit Airport Marker

The Safe-Hit airport marker is ideal for installations on airport taxiways, runway edges, ends and thresholds. They offer 360 degree visibility, and are available in surface mount and soil mount versions. The posts are available in different lengths and colors, as well as different sheeting options.

Sign Post Reflector

Sign Post Reflectors draw attention to your signs with highly reflective post panels. They increase the visibility at day or night, rain or shine, and can be installed quickly and inexpensively. They are offered in different lengths and sheeting options.

Snow Poles and Posts

Snow Poles provide advance warning to plow operators of the location of fixed objects such as guardrails. They are essential to safe and cost effective snow removal operations.